Enhancing Indonesia’s Exports to Canada

Tahun Release : 2016
Penyusun : TPSA & Sekretariat BPPP
Deskripsi  :
There are market opportunities for Indonesian firms to export to Canada. While Canada is a relatively small country in terms of population (10 per cent that of the U.S.), Canada actually imports nearly twice as much as the U.S. on a per capita basis. In 2015, Canadian imports were US$419 billion, making Canada the ninth largest import market in the world. Canada ranks in the top 10 on most international ranking schemas, with high income per capita, life expectancy, and educational achievement. The objective of the research in this report is to identify commodities produced in Indonesia that have a high probability of successfully being exported to Canada. The report also pays special attention to the environmental and social dimensions associated with these commodities.